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Our Services

  • Novocare

    NZ Respiratory & Sleep institute

    Novocare are a group of medical specialists who understand the anxiety, stress, and logistic difficulties in seeing specialists in today's busy life. They understand that it can be scary when your health isn't right, especially when you are left in the dark waiting for test results and to see a specialist. You have meetings, gatherings, travel plans - life can't be put on hold. That's why Novocare are here for you. Urgent appointments, available afterhours, and always just an email away. 

    Ph: (09) 889 2112

  • Service_NZRSI

    NZ Respiratory & Sleep institute

    The New Zealand Respiratory and Institute (NZRSI) opened in Greenlane in 2009.  In July we launched our first satellite clinic on the  Northcare site, in an attempt to provide easier access to patients from the North Shore and Waitakere areas.

    We have three consultants who run their clinics out of Northcare:  Dr Andrew Veale, Dr Megan Cornere and Dr Alex Chapman.  In addition to this, in October 2017 we are opening a lung function laboratory on the site, which will run alongside our consultant clinics.  See our website www.nzrsi.co.nz for further information about NZRSI.

    Ph: 09 638 5255

  • Service_HandInstitue

    Orthopaedic Specialists

    The Hand Institute offers a Hand Surgeon and team of Hand Therapists working together; promoting an integrated approach to the management of hand, wrist, elbow surgery and rehabilitation.

    If your hand or upper limb injury is a result of an accident; whether it be at work, home or play we can treat you under ACC. If non accident related we can treat you under your private insurance or the Hospital contract if you have been seen by a specialist at either Northshore Hospital or  Waitakere Hospital.

    We can provide and fit fibreglass  casts and splints all fully funded under ACC.

    Ph: 09 479 8438

  • Motion Health

    Motion Health

    Our goal is to help you achieve optimal lifelong physical health. This philosophy of care is encapsulated in our clinical approach, Results4Life® ; helping you achieve lasting results.
    Sustainable results allow you to enjoy living life without having to hold back with the endless threat of injury reoccurrence. Reaching your chosen health destination is much easier when you're enjoying the journey. Therefore, we do our best to provide a great experience that is both informative and engaging.

    Ph: 09 477 3750

  • MercyRadiology

    Mercy X-Ray/Imaging

    Mercy X-Ray/Imaging are onsite with modern digital x-ray, mammography, ultrasound and other imaging modalities.  Digital images can be double-checked by radiologists off site and can be viewed by doctors and specialists from other clinics with log-on capabilities.  Your comfort, safety and privacy are important to us.   If you do have a fracture, the plaster room is right next door and we have orthopedic specialists on hand.  Mercy also has a long history of excellence in breast diagnostics. 

    Ph: 09 630 3324

  • Remedy Cafe

    Remedy Cafe

    Remedy Cafe serves real barista coffee, healthy drinks and simple, appealing food made with fresh ingredients on the premises. Take a few moments to sit on the deck, recharge and watch the world go by.  We have great take-out options for people on the go and 5-minute parking right outside. 

    Ph: 09 216 8731

  • brandlogo_test

    ToothDoctor Northcare

    ToothDoctor Northcare specialise in same day service for people with urgent dental issues.  We will provide expert care and liaise with your normal dentist for ongoing treatment if required.  Our dentists use the most up to date pain relief techniques to make the process easy for you.  We offer a full range of modern dentistry from regular check-ups to cosmetic work. You will find us friendly and professional.

    Ph: 09 414 7174

  • Hearing_Institute

    Ear, Nose & Throat/Audiology

    Our ENT department runs clinics with male and female specialists, onsite audiology and ear cleaning (wax removal).  Areas of particular interest include children's problems, such as grommets and tonsils.  In addition, we have expertise in complex hearing loss issues, cochlear implants, vertigo and tinnitus. We have covered access for disabled people. 

    Ph: 09 638 8125 / 09 283 0200


  • SkinInstitute

    Skin Institute

    The Skin Institute offers a full range of skin cancer detection and treatment, dermatology, photo-therapy and appearance treatments (including varicose veins, Botox, collagen and fillers).  Our clinics are fully accredited and have state-of-the-art equipment and expertise.  

    PH: 0800 754 637

  • Northcare_7Day_Pharamcy

    Northcare 7 Day Pharmacy

    Offers expert dispensing of prescriptions and we pride ourselves on our speed.  Our trained and experienced staff are available to offer advice with over-the-counter and accredited pharmacist dispensing.  We have a private consulting room if needed and a great range of natural products as well as beauty and gift ideas.

    Ph: 09 283 0945

  • Service-Labtesting

    Lab Testing

    Our lab collection facility is situated on the ground floor with parking right outside.  It is 2 minutes walk from the Park and Ride and we have covered disabled parking by the door.  You do not need to be a Northcare patient to use us and our experienced private phlebotomists will ensure your test is as painless as possible.  We are committed to keeping waiting times down and will try to attend to you as quickly as possible.

    Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 8am - 3pm

    Ph: 09 479 7770

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